Luxury Box Set Serum plus OJESH Pro Ultrasonic Light Therapy Applicator
Luxury Box Set Serum plus OJESH Pro Ultrasonic Light Therapy Applicator

Luxury Box Set Serum plus OJESH Pro Ultrasonic Light Therapy Applicator

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Luxury Box Set of 21 Ampoules of Lifting Serum with one OJESH Pro Ultrasonic Light Therapy Applicator 

Light Therapy is one of the most non-invasive treatments with least amount of side effects compared to chemical, abrasion and other deep facial skin treatments on the market. 

This therapy activates production of collagen that increases elastin tightening and removes acne causing bacteria, while minimizing pores. The OJESH Pro Ultrasonic Therapy promotes blood circulation, eliminates facial edema, enhances moisture and lightens pigmentation.

1) Export Cleaning: 0.07 microns of bristles with sound waves vibrate deep into the pores to thoroughly clean out the "dirt" hidden in the skin.

2) Deep Import: The Ultrasonic device uses the principle of vibrations to increase the gap between each cell in the skin and sends serum ingredients deep into the skin (import) so that the skincare product can be absorbed completely.

3) High-frequency Massage and Triple Colored Lights: The latest Japanese technology, with three import modes and energy contraction characteristics contribute to penetrating the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue.

In addition to tightening and minimizing pore size, facial muscles become firmer playing an important role in the physical lifting effect of the face.

  • 3,000,000 times per second high-frequency atomization vibration
  • The penetrating power of the Ultrasonic applicator sprays 500,000 particles per minute with more than 100 bio-magnet massage points

Blue Light: Inhibits melanin and decreases pigmentation

Red Light: Promotes skin circulation and stimulates collagen regeneration 

Green Light: Anti-inflammatory, calms and regulates balance between water and oil 

4) Smart Operation and Wireless Charging:

  • Customizable two-dimensional code
  • Bluetooth recognition
  • Self-generated personal custom skincare menu

The Four Step OJESH Pro Ultrasonic Applicator is the secret to skin rejuvenation. 
It provides a scientific, safe, and easy way to clean your skin, solve current skin conditions and prevents future issues.